Technology - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does NC State require students to have a computer at school?

    NC State does not require students to have a computer but the university strongly encourages students to have one. There are many labs on campus but most students at NC State have a computer if they can afford one. The Office of Information Technology issues university recommendations for students that are updated every year. Individual Colleges can follow the university's lead or develop recommendations of their own. Check out our guide to college recommendations for detailed information.

  • Who is an eligible customer?

    Only current students, faculty, staff members, or their direct family members can purchase hardware through NC State Stores.

  • How do I use Financial Aid?

    NC State allows financial aid recipients to apply for a one time increase in their total Cost Of Attendance (COA) to cover the cost of a computer. Wolfpack Outfitters is happy to reserve computers for Financial Aid recipients until they receive the additional aid they may qualify for (usually after move-in weekend if direct deposit is the selected method of aid disbursement). To request an increase in total COA students must have completed the FAFSA and meet the income levels necessary to qualify for additional aid. To apply fill out the Computer Purchase Form. and submit it along with either a dated receipt / proof of purchase or a dated itemized estimate from Wolfpack Outfitters. To obtain an estimate email us at theTechDen@ncsu.eduMore information can be found here.

  • Do I have support on campus?

    We are partnered with IT on campus. Every machine we sell except for Microsoft models is entitled to receive support from the on-campus, Manufacturer Authorized OIT Walk-In Center.

  • How do I know if a product is available?

    Wolfpack Outfitters stocks computer inventory based on anticipated sales volume. We make every effort to fill customer orders by the date requested, but we can't guarantee specific delivery dates. Please allow 5 - 15 business days when placing your order. We encourge you to call to check the latest availability.

  • Do I need an Extended Warranty?

    The university strongly recommends them and all of our student customers get them. Specific warranty information is included with each computer's specifications.

  • Can I customize my order?

    We work with University IT and the colleges on campus to select the models that best fit educational needs. Custom orders can be placed for many machines and typically take 5 - 15 business days to arrive. The savings from volume ordering and educational discounts may not be as significant as our pre-configured machines.

  • Can you order items that are not on the website?

    Our site lists the most popular items in the Technology department. While we work to list more items online, please email us at with questions about other products or educational discounts. >

  • Can I have my order shipped?

    Shipping is available to most destinations in the continental USA.

  • Can I just talk to a real person?

    Sure, we have students and parents of students on our staff. We know you have a million questions starting with "Do I really need a new computer" and "should I choose Mac or PC". The right answer sometimes depends on the individual need and circumstances. Just email us at and we will call you back.