What is All-In?

All-In is digital delivery of course materials through your instructor's Moodle page. With the All-In program, we always strive to provide pricing below direct from publisher pricing.

All-In may be an eTextbook or courseware. Courseware is much more than just a digital textbook. It may include quizzes, videos, and other instructional tools to help you succeed in class.

How do I access my All-In materials? Do I need a code?

No need to worry about picking up a code. All-In provides a link to course materials through your instructors' Moodle page. The link, often found in "Announcements," either goes to an eText or courseware.

How does this help me?

There are a lot of academic benefits with All-In, like quizzes and videos in courseware, or the ability to highlight and have books read aloud to you with eTexts, but a huge benefit is financial. All-In always beats direct from publisher pricing.

How do I opt-in to All-In?

By purchasing access from the bookstore. Please use your NC State ID and ncsu.edu email. For online orders, you will get an email when we process your order. For in-store purchases, keep your receipt.

How can I purchase All-In?

Exactly the same way you purchase your other course materials from the bookstore. You can purchase online, using credit or financial aid, if you have been awarded financial aid. VA Scholarship and student athletes must purchase all course materials in-store and cannot purchase online. Please use your NCSU ID and ncsu.edu email when purchasing.

Who chooses what goes in to All-In?

Your instructor. All-In couldn't happen without your instructor choosing to use digital materials. Instructors care about pricing too.

I really want a print version of my textbook. Can I get one?

Usually. If All-In is "Choose 1", but you'd prefer print, choose the print.

If All-In is required, in most cases we can get a print version, though you may have to ask us to special order one for you. For those print versions we have in stock, we will list the low-cost loose-leaf as Required or Optional. The book will be labeled as "For All-In students only". You must purchase All-In to purchase these low-cost loose-leaf versions.

What classes are using All-In?

Over 850 sections are using All-In in fall 2024. If you see (AI) before the book title on your booklist, the class is using All-In. All-In is used in every college in the university, at all levels from freshman to graduate school. It is either required or optional, and in some cases, as a choice between traditional materials and All-In.

How much will I save?

Your mileage may vary, but the average savings per title for the 2019 calendar year was $104. eTexts generally save you more than courseware. In all cases, Wolfpack Outfitters secures pricing below direct from publisher price.

What is courseware?

Courseware contains other components, in addition to the eText. Usually courseware will have a homework component and other supplemental materials to improve learning outcomes. If something is courseware (McGraw Hill's Connect; Pearson's Revel, Mastering, or MyLab; Cengage's MindTap; or Norton's Inquizitive) and is required, there's a good chance the courseware will be required for a portion of your grade.

How much have NC State students saved?

In the 2019 calendar year, NC State students saved $1,837,270.

I have access to my materials and haven't purchased access. Why do I need to purchase now?

Free access is granted until the census/refund date. After that, access is cut off. We'll email students close to the opt-in deadline to remind them that they have not yet opted-in and that access will be terminated soon.

When do I need to purchase access?

NOTE: For Fall 2024, All-In Access must be purchased no later than Friday, August 30, 2024.

Access must be purchased by the census/refund date. For fall and spring semesters, this is about 12 days after classes start. For summer classes, this is about 3 days after classes start.

What should I do after I purchase access?

It's a good idea to immediately register with the publisher or with VitalSource. Registering ensures you won't lose access.

I had access to courseware for a previous semester (i.e. BIO 240/245). Do I still need to register?

Yes! Register your purchase every semester for every product. This will ensure you don't lose access in the middle of the semester.

I dropped or changed my course. What should I do?

If you dropped your course, you need to get a refund. Please come in to the store with your receipt.

If you changed the section of your course (i.e. changed from ENG101 sect. 99 to ENG101 sect. 98, confirm that the instructor is using the same materials. If he or she is not, please come in and exchange the product.

How long do I have to get a refund?

Dropped your class? Need a refund? Any refund requests must be submitted by Friday, August 30, 2024. Dropping a class may remove access to that class' course materials on Moodle, but you must request a refund through Wolfpack Outfitters. 

I have a question that's not answered here. What should I do?

Please contact the bookstore at ncstatestores@ncsu.edu.

After purchasing, how long do I have access to my course materials?

That depends. Most courseware titles are single term licenses. eText durations vary by publisher.