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Important Information For Spring 2023:

Faculty that have not submitted course materials information to Wolfpack Outfitters for the spring semester should contact the store’s textbook department as soon as possible. Under HEOA requirements, Wolfpack Outfitters displays course materials information for all courses, including courses that will not be using course materials. To submit your course materials information, please view ordering instructions below.

Order Textbooks And Course Materials

Professors will receive a customized link via email from Wolfpack Outfitters to submit textbook and course material orders (adoptions) online. Wolfpack Outfitters uses order collection software from Verba, which provides the most seamless and ease-of-use instructor experience.

Please submit your textbook and course materials orders as soon as you receive your Verba email request. Doing so helps Wolfpack Outfitters have time to obtain more used books and offer lower prices, and digital options for our students.


We do request that course materials orders are submitted by the following schedule:
  • For fall courses, orders must be submitted by April 5th.
  • For spring courses, orders must be submitted by October 15th.
  • For summer courses, orders must be submitted by March 15th.

Order Custom Course Packs

Please submit your custom course packet orders at least 2 months before the upcoming term to ensure that they will be available in the store by the first day of classes. We will accept custom course pack orders outside this production timeline (e.g. up until the course start date), but cannot guarantee availability by the first day of classes due to necessary processing and printing time.

Please contact Wolf Xpress for more information regarding Custom Course Packs at 919-515-2131 or wolf-xpress@ncsu.edu  

Contact Us

Textbook department: coursematerials@ncsu.edu

Wolf Xpress Custom Publishing department: wolf-xpress@ncsu.edu